September 28, 2014   

Saras Windecker

PhD Candidate

Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group

School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne

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Ongoing PhD Candidate. BioSciences. University of Melbourne. “The impact of vegetation communities on carbon sequestration in freshwater wetlands.” Supervisors: Assoc Prof PA Vesk, Dr P Macreadie, Dr J Catford

2010-2012 Master of Environmental Studies. Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania. “Distribution and habitat characteristics of a freshwater gastropod, Pleurocera proxima, in eastern Pennsylvania.” Supervisors: Dr WH Eldridge, Dr SA Willig

2007-2012 Bachelor of Arts. Biology, University of Pennsylvania. Graduated Magna Cum Laude


2017 Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment (AUD 5,525)

2016 Science Abroad Travelling Scholarship (AUD 1,500)

2016 Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Research grant (AUD 7,600)

2016 School of BioSciences Travel Grant (AUD 1,500)

2015-16 Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment (AUD 7,300)

2015 Lifeworks Foundation via University of Melbourne Botany Foundation (AUD 2,300)

2015 Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions Travel Grant (AUD 1,163)

2014 Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarship (Tuition and Fees)

2014 Melbourne International Research Scholarship (Stipend and living expenses)

2012 Master of Environmental Science Capstone Research Grant (USD 1,100)

2012 Dean’s List Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

2011 University Scholars Research Grant (USD 5,300)

2007-2012 University of Pennsylvania University Scholar

Professional Affiliations/Activities

Reviewer for Frontiers in Plant Science

Member of the Society of Wetland Scientists, Society of Biology, The Ecological Society of Australia

Academic Events coordinator, School of BioSciences Postgraduate Society (2015)

Mentor, University of Melbourne Women’s Mentoring Program (2015)

Undergraduate University Scholars Mentor (2011 – 2012)


2017 Demonstrator, Applied Ecology, School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. [Semester 2]

2017 Tutor, Environmental Impact Assessment, School of Geography, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. [Semester 1]

2015 Tutor, Monitoring Environmental Impacts, School of Engineering, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. [Semester 2]

2015 Demonstrator, Ecology, School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. [Semester 2]

2015 Tutor and demonstrator, Ecology in Changing Environments, School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. [Semester 1]

2012 Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Geology, Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.


Windecker S, Golding N. 2018. Zoon R package for reproducible and shareable species distribution modelling. Oral presentation at UseR!2018 Conference, Brisbane, VIC, Australia. 11 – 13 July 2018.

Windecker S, Vesk P, Golding N. 2017. Decomposition of wetland plants: a non-linear hierarchical Bayesian approach. Oral presentation at Victorian Biodiversity Conference, Melbourne, VIC, Australia. 6 – 7 February 2018.

Windecker S, Vesk P, Golding N. 2017. Decomposition of wetland plants: a non-linear hierarchical Bayesian approach. Poster presentation at Bayes on the Beach, Surfer’s Paradise, QLD, Australia. 13 – 15 November 2017.

Windecker S, Vesk P, Catford J. 2016. A meta-analysis of functional restoration in global wetlands. Oral presentation at British Ecological Society, Liverpool, United Kingdom. 11 – 14 December 2016.

Windecker S, Carnell P, Catford J, Vesk P, Macreadie P. 2016. Drivers of carbon storage and sequestration rates in freshwater wetlands, Southeastern Australia. Oral presentation at International Society of Limnology Conference, Torino, Italy. 31 July – 5 August 2016.

Windecker S, Catford J, Vesk P. 2015. Applying functional trait ecology to a meta-analysis of wetland restoration success. Oral presentation in organized symposium at Society of Wetland Scientists Conference, Providence, RI, USA. 31 May – 4 Jun 2015.

Windecker S, Catford J, Vesk P. 2015. Applying the response and effect trait framework to wetland restoration ecology. Oral presentation at Student Conference on Conservation Science, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. 19-29 Jan 2015.

Professional Experiences

2017- Ongoing Research Assistant, Zoon Project. Writing introductory vignettes and coding modules for the species distribution modelling R package, zoon (Dr N Golding)

2013-2014 Research Assistant, Waterway Ecosystem Research Group, University of Melbourne. Organised and led fieldwork and data analysis for geomorphology component of Commonwealth Environmental Water Office Short Term Intervention Monitoring in the Goulburn River. Prepared and presented the geomorphology monitoring proposal for the CEWO Long Term Intervention Monitoring (Dr G Vietz)

2012 Student researcher, Stroud Water Research Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Grant-funded fieldwork, data analysis, and report write-up on invasive freshwater snail for MES Thesis (Dr WH Eldridge)

2011 Research Assistant, Israel Oceanographic and Limnologic Research, Haifa, Israel. Fieldwork and lab analysis in the Marine Ecology Lab for the Mediterranean Biodiversity Survey (Dr G Rilov)

2011 Water Resources and Infrastructure Intern, United States Agency for International Development West Bank/Gaza Office, Tel Aviv, Israel. Researched water supply and sanitation issues in the Gaza Strip, prepared a report including a recommendation for allocation of recourses to a wetland restoration, and presented these recommendations to the regional office and to headquarters in Washington, DC, USA (M Maxey)


Carnell PE, Windecker SM, Brenker M, Baldock J, Maque P, Brunt K, & Macreadie PI. 2018. Carbon stocks, sequestration, and emission of wetlands in south eastern Australia. Global Change Biol. 2018;00:1–12. [](

Catford J, Roberts J, Capon S, Froend R, Windecker SM, & Douglas M. 2017. Wetland vegetation of inland Australia. Australian Vegetation (ed. D.A. Keith). Cambridge University Press. [](

Carnell PE, Windecker SM, Brenker M, Yukate B, Johnson K, & Macreadie PI. 2016. Carbon sequestration by Victorian inland wetlands. Blue Carbon Lab, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia for the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning.

Webb A, Vietz G, Windecker SM, Hladyz S, Thompson R, Koster W, Jones M. 2015. Monitoring and reporting on the ecological outcomes of Commonwealth environmental water delivered in the lower Goulburn River and Broken Creek in 201314. The University of Melbourne for the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office.

Windecker S, Vietz, G. 2014. Assessing the influence of environmental flows on physical habitat. 7th Australian Stream Management Conference, Townsville, QLD, AU.


mixchar: an R package for mixture model deconvolution of thermal decay curves. [](

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