About me

I’ve had the pleasure to call many different places home over the years. My current home is Melbourne, Australia, and after nearly 7 years here, it takes the cake as where I’ve lived the longest. I came to Melbourne after finishing my Bachelors and Masters at University of Pennsylvania and stayed for a PhD at University of Melbourne (and for the coffee).

I’m currently a Research Fellow in Ecological Modeling with Nick Golding at the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group. I’m working on developing software and new models to map and forecast mosquito-borne diseases in Victoria. Before that, I spent my PhD working on soil carbon storage in freshwater wetlands.

I enjoy implementing reproducible research pratices in my science, particularly in my code, which is reflected in my commitment to reproducible research, which you can check out on my GitHub. I also really enjoy teaching coding and stats, and do so regularly at our lab’s Coding Club, at a range of conferences, workshops, and presentations.